We  accelerate

ideas to Product

Market Fit

We invest our time in you, so our success is aways contingent on yours. When you work with Mayfly, you become our partner, not a customer.

How we help

Services designed to fast-track you to Product-Market Fit

Product Strategy

Applying intellectual rigour to define a killer feature set, robust tech stack and game plan to get to launch cost effectively and time efficiently while delighting users.

Product Development

No-code to full-stack and everything in between. Our team has the experience to get your ideas to market fast and iterate even faster on your journey to PMF.

Product Design

Inspired to create moments of delight, we leverage human-centred design and first principles to craft digital products people actually want to use.

GTM + Capital Raising

Reach your audience and impress investors through structured and tailored Go-To-Market and Capital Raising strategy and execution.

Our startups are tackling problems worth solving

Hear the stories of how they went from idea to launch.

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Getting to Product-Market Fit ain't easy

The journey to PMF is treacherous and confusing but we’re here to help. This Mayfly guide outlines a step by step process to take you from idea to PMF including:

↘ Finding a problem worth solving
↘ Validation your Unique Value Proposition
↘ Building your MVP
↘ Go-To-Market Strategy
↘ The Feedback Iteration Loop


Access our Toolkit

This notion doc provides a template for everything you need to go from idea to PMF, including defining your Ideal Customer Persona, creating financial models, designing marketing funnels, investor hit list tracking and everything in between.

PMF Toolkit is coming your way!
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Founder Lab

Being a founder is lonely. That’s why we started a community program called Founder Lab. So you have fellow founders and mentors to share wins with, tackle problems together, keep each other accountable and talk s#!t with.

Equity and fee free. Applications for Season 1 no open.


Who are we

We’re not a dev shop. For us building apps is just the beginning.


We back industry experts tackling problems worth solving and accelerate them to product-market fit


We Speak With Both Kindness And Candour. We run our business on five key values.


Put Melbourne, Australia on the map for the world’s most innovative startups (not just for good coffee)


We're a team of builders with specialities across product, GTM and capital raising.


Are you tackling a problem worth solving?

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