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Mental Health

An award-winning app that puts mental health first, used by major NHS providers.

Project Details

Mental Health First

Bloomwise is a platform which allows companies to get proactive about mental health in their workplace. The Bloomwise platform prompts team members to do daily check-ins to log emotions and their source while also offering guided meditations alongside other activities for improving well-being.

HR managers and team leaders can then study the data to remove workplace stresses and get proactive when concerning trends arise.

Domain experts needing technical expertise

Bloomwise was founded by mental health experts Frankie Lewns and Dr. Paris Alexandros Lalousis who wanted to make a real difference at the source of much of our stress: the workplace. Neither Frankie nor Paris had experience developing consumer apps and needed help getting their important work into as many hands as possible.

Fundraising and ongoing support

Mayfly helped Bloomwise from the very start of development through to fundraising and ongoing operations. User story and branding workshops helped us find Bloomwise’s identity and an iterative design process helped shape it into an app users would keep coming back to.

As a new startup, Bloomwise also needed advice on operations, user management, and fundraising. Mayfly stepped in to help create systems, processes, and collateral that Frankie and Paris could use to grow their business and maintain it for the long term.

”Mayfly Ventures has really accelerated our growth. They have provided support across app design and development, user growth traction, day-to-day operations, goal setting, and raising capital.”

- Frankie Lewns, Founder

Key Results

1 NHS Partnership

Secured With Major Provider Bloomwise is now out in the real world making a positive impact on the mental health of its thousands of users.

Winner of 2022 Birmingham Women in Tech Award

Awarded to Frankie Lewns Frankie and the Bloomwise team were recognised at the 2022 Birmingham Women in Tech Awards, and since then, the accolades haven’t stopped rolling in.

$25K Mayfly Investment

Confident in Bloomwise, we invested in their future.

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