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Social Impact, Digital Product

An enterprise-level app for rewarding social impact.

Project Details

All-in-one platform that makes social impact easy

VOLI is an all-in-one platform that makes social impact easy, measuring it even easier, and rewards you for your efforts. Companies can sign up and onboard the workforce onto the platform where they’ll find VOLI Opportunities to volunteer, give blood, donate, perform community service, and more. They track their VOLIs through the app and earn points for doing good, which can be traded for rewards like gift cards. VOLI also helps companies track the good work of their teams, making ESG reporting easy and contributing to positive marketing and culture.

More than just an agency

Before VOLI’s founder Charlie Crozier met Mayfly, he had dealt with 12 different development agencies. As a non-technical founder, he was struggling to get his idea built and into the hands of users. It also didn’t help that the quotes he had received ranged from $300,000 up to one million dollars for a build, putting significant pressure on him to raise large amounts of capital at an early stage in the business’s journey.

"When we met Mayfly, both our budget and time to build were completely reevaluated. We were able to go to market at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time than what we had expected without compromising on the quality of the build."

- Charlie Crozier, Founder

The Process

Mayfly worked with VOLI in a series of workshops to gain a deep understanding of the product, their vision, and the needs of end users. This fed into an intuitive, user first app design. Using a combination of no-code and low-code frameworks, Mayfly was able to develop an enterprise-grade app for a fraction of the cost other studios had quoted. The platform is now in pilot testing ahead of release to 10 companies on the waitlist. 

Key Results

Rapid Development Turnaround

Mayfly allowed Voli to get to market faster and cheaper—and we’ll keep iterating so it’s 2% better every week.

$230k Pre-seed Capital Raised

$50K from Mayfly Having a clear product roadmap to launch enabled Charlie to secure pre-seed funding.

10+ Companies on the Waitlist

Immediate Traction. A quick turnaround of a functioning prototype meant Charlie could onboard major companies onto a waitlist.

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