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A world-first solution that makes transporting dangerous materials safer.

Project Details

Safety first

Xtreme Freight is a logistics company offering delivery, transportation, and storage services Australia-wide. They specialise in transporting dangerous goods such as explosive, flammable and corrosive substances.

Reducing human error and inefficiency

Logistics is complicated and transporting dangerous goods is, well, dangerous. Xtreme Freight needed a solution that allowed them to reduce human error, increase efficiency, and improve oversight when transporting dangerous goods. It’s no simple task, and Xtreme Freight had engaged three companies before Mayfly that couldn’t solve the complex problem Xtreme Freight had presented.

"Mayfly's technical expertise and attention to detail were truly impressive. They consistently delivered high-quality work and demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter. Their ability to tackle complex problems and find innovative solutions was instrumental in overcoming various challenges we encountered along the way.”

- Amanda O’Brien, Founder

The solution to complexity

Xtreme Freight worked closely with the Mayfly team, particularly our Head of Technology, Chris Pyke, to fully explore the intricacies of logistics and the added complexity of transporting dangerous freight. Working within strict compliance frameworks, we created an app that not only increases oversight and efficiency but also mitigates human error. An API-first approach to development means that Xtreme Freight’s product can be seamlessly integrated with existing logistic software, and the innovation behind the product has since generated global interest.

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