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A hospitality app that improves venue efficiency, customer attraction, and patron retention with instant traction.

Project Details

Personal, convenient and rewarding

Mucudu is a rewards app that makes hospitality more personal, convenient and rewarding. It has five key features:

Mucudu Loyalty: When patrons make purchases using Mucudu, they earn loyalty points that can be redeemed on future visits.

Mucudu Pay: Seamlessly pay for food and drinks by scanning a QR code at checkout, with no processing fees to the patron or the venue owner.

Mucudu Directory: Find restaurants and bars in your area and source great deals on food and drinks.

Mucudu Shout: Shout a mate a drink from home with a click of a button.

Mucudu Tab: Start, manage, and share tabs all from your phone.

Founded by restaurateurs Zenita O’Neill (Jimmy O’Neill’s) and James Gallagher (Naughty Nancy’s), Mucudu is the ultimate rewards app for regulars and people on a night out.

Development limbo

Before meeting Mayfly, Mucudu had been in development limbo for years. The MVP had cost more than $400,000 to build and, despite the heavy investment, wasn’t scalable. Maintenance costs were high, it only featured the directory and shout features, but had not payment infrastructure. With the app in it's current state, they were having trouble onboarding venues or attracting investors.

From the ground up

Mayfly began work from the ground up, running user story workshops and reworking the UI to better suit the target audience. We equipped them with a high-fidelity prototype that allowed James to begin onboarding new venues and securing partnerships with the likes of Heineken, Furphy, Lion, Guinness, and Drinksworks.

To solve the payment issue, we took a ground-up approach, developing a custom payment gateway compatible with Doshii and ImPos, the main POS providers in Australia. Not only do the payments work seamlessly, but by cutting out the middleman we were able to achieve near-zero payment fees on both ends with no costs passed on to the customer or venue owner.

Key Results

3,000+ Users

On the night we launched the new Mucudu, we had 50 new users sign up organically— and the number is steadily rising day by day.

$50K Mayfly Investment

We believe in Mucudu, so we put our money where our mouth is.

10+ Major Brand Partnerships

Big Brands Believe in such as Heineken, Furphy, Lion, Guinness, and Drinksworks as brand partners.

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